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Our Goals

Our goals

The central goals of FFDC are:

  • Improving the water quality and riparian habitat

  • Litter reduction

  • Management of environmental weeds

  • Re-establishment of indigenous floral and faunal habitat

  • Protecting the waterway from inappropriate development load

  • Community engagement in conservation and rehabilitation, through education and signage campains

Our Committee

Our people

  • President: Anthony Bigelow

  • Vice-President: Charlie Miller

  • Secretary: Hannah Skipworth

  • Membership: Robert Lee

  • Treasurer: Chris Macfarlane

  • General Committee: Bill Jones, Matt McCabe, John Cull, Bruna Iotti, Bec Penrose and Jesse Oehm.

Life Members: Barry Robinson, Frank Sullivan and Vivien Holyoake.


Committee meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month (Feb to Nov) at 7:30pm.


Due to COVID-19 physical distancing, meetings are being held on Zoom. Meetings are otherwise held in-person in Room 4 at the Federation Estate, 32 Greenwood, Ave, Ringwood.

Our Partners

Our partners

We gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support of organisations and individuals including:


  • Melbourne Water

  • Knox and Maroondah Councils

  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)

  • Living Links

  • Our local indigenous nurseries, Knox Environment Society (KES) and Community of Ringwood Indigenous Species Plant nursery (CRISP) together with Operation Reveg, Knox.

  • Our wonderful community of resident planters, activists and change-makers!

  • And you! You’re more than welcome to join the fun too!

Our resources

Our resources

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