Here are just a few of the projects happening along our section of Dandenong Creek

'Daylighting' of the Creek

‘Daylighting’ means removing the underground pipes that the
creek currently flows through and allowing the water to run overland again.
This is probably one of the most significant developments to occur in our area in
the history of FFDC. One of our key aims is to restore the creek back to its original
condition as near as practically possible. 'Daylighting’ of the creek from the
railway bridge in Bayswater down to HE Parker Reserve in Heathmont, a distance
of about 830 meters, is now underway.

Native Fish

This project (currently underway) will reestablish native fish habitats along Dandenong Creek and its floodplain to support sustainable populations of nationally threatened Dwarf Galaxias and Yarra pygmy perch.

'Mint Street' wetlands - Wantirna

One of the largest wetlands to be created in our area is underway.  The official opening of these wetlands are due soon.  

Projects in our area

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